Company Schukin is glad to present, exclusively on the territory of Russian Federation, our new product – acrylic glass Acrylic Couture®.

It is acrylic glass, but in a completely new light: intoxicating effects through extravagant inlays and artistic colour combinations. Whether luxurious, mystical, refined, graceful or spectacular – through the interplay of the finest acrylic glass and exclusive, selected materials “made in Italy”, designs are created of unprecedented appearance, depth and “magic”. The highlight for the senses is achieved through unique nanoparticles in the acrylic glass. In the presence of light and LED technology, this extraordinary material composition makes it possible to achieve intensely radiant 3-D-effects and thereby create the perfect setting for shine & shimmer, light & shade, colours & shapes. Each panel is hand-made and unique, a precious piece of art, incomparable and stunningly beautiful.

Highest quality acrylic glass Acrylic Couture®:

  • manufactured in the EU under EU rules and standards
  • produced out of optical-class methyl methacrylate virgin monomer only
  • „cross-linked“ polymers for higher resistance to scratching and many chemicals compared to conventional PMMA
  • 10 years guarantee on UV-resistance against yellowing for external use
  • 30 years guarantee against reduced transparency
  • 100-year guarantee against polymer degradation due to very high molecular weight
  • best quality in regard to physical and mechanical properties
  • all ingredients of our acrylic are neither carcinogenic, nor mutagenic and thus nonhazardous to health
  • our acrylic contains no substances/chemicals, which are listed on the dangerous R.E.A.C.H. and SVHC-regulation
  • our acrylic is manufactured without the use of any plasticizer, particularly no phthalates
  • eco-friendly, as panels are produced in a low, energy consuming way
  • recyclable

Acrylic panels Acrylic Couture® are nominated and honoured by prestigious design awards.

The images reproduced within this website are just examples of what might be possibly produced according to your project. In this regard we call your attention to the fact that the images reproduced within this website may also be subject to the copyright of third parties in the EU and, in particular, in Germany. The images reproduced within this website were taken as examples from foreign Internet sites.

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