Nelly Pshyonnaya is one of the most beautiful actresses of the soviet cinema. She played princesses, grand ladies and gentlewomen.
And only few people know how stern her destiny has been to her. Two years ago Nelly’s daughter died, leaving two little girls.
Nelly Pshyonnaya could not recover from this tragedy for a long time, but she pulled herself together for the sake of the granddaughters.

Last Saturday we organised, within the business program of the exhibition Indecor Moscow 2018, a presentation together with Olga Rozet.

The subject of the lecture was "New Art Deco. Timeless values and new materials".

At the exhibition CIFF SHANGHAI 2018 held in Shanghai from 10 to 18 September panels Acrylic Couture were welcomed with a great interest and admiration. Collection of Acrylic Couture was presented in a magical atmosphere and through a brilliant staging. It was a fantastic show!

On July, 26th we held another master class on our production facilities. Olga Rozet presented the lecture “Metal in interior design”. Olga Rozet is a well-known designer and decorator, artist and lecturer in The British higher school of art and design.

Lectures of Olga Rozet are always a treasure trove of valuable information! Historical excursion was of a particular interest. After all, it is usually so, that we think that we are the first who has made something. But as soon as you start learning history of design, you realize that your idea had already been implemented by some great person.

On July, 24th we held a very informative master class on our production facilities for designers and architects.

The main theme focused on metallic coatings by VeroMetalÒ.

For the practical part was responsible Mr. Robert Beckers – developer of the material and head of the company VeroMetal.

As for the theoretical part, Kseniya Bandorina gave her lecture “New heavy metal – from the classical design to the modern trends of I Saloni - 2018”. Kseniya Bandorina (PhD in Art Studies) is a member of Designers association in Saint Petersburg.

At the exhibition BATIMAT 2018 we have presented art-objects on the design of the architect Irina Chun.  Art-objects are coated with metallic layer of VeroMetal®. The thin layer of metal “turns” MDF into bronze, steel, copper and brass. The drawing on the metallic coating (football player figure) is applied by means of chemical etching. Stand design is inspired by the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia – it is private office of football fan,  serious businessmen, owner of the football club.

Our company has successfully participated in the exhibition ARCH Moscow 2016. We are happy to say that our stand attracted many visitors. That was for a reason! We presented completely new for Russian market material – metal coating for any surfaces, such as MDF, glass, plastic, concrete etc.


Custom-made furniture is one of the business areas of our company. Natural wooden furniture creates an unforgettable atmosphere of coziness and boosts vitality.

Solid oak furniture is not only beautiful, but also wear and rotting resistant. Custom-made wooden furniture also presents individuality and your own personal style. After all, are not we all tired of bright synthetic materials?

When it comes to the interior, an important question arises of what kind of decoration should be used and what kind of furniture should be preferred. One wants to keep both the harmony and style, but at the same time not to cross the line between originality and dubious taste. Sometimes it is quite difficult to achieve a desired result and to bring to life the dreams about ideal surroundings.

Nowadays great attention is paid to hygiene. Advertising on TV, radio, internet – all the mass media are saying about microbes and infections that surround us and our homes. In efforts to keep cleanliness people are ready for anything, even for absurd methods. But are people really able to find effective ways of antimicrobial protection? Rather often it’s not always a case.

Wooden staircase is the oldest invention of mankind. Wood retains heat inside, but “breaths”, that is why air will never be stuffy in your house, like in concrete buildings.

It is difficult to imagine any private two- or three-story house without a wooden staircase. Staircases made of solid walnut or oak are symbols of artistic taste, prestige and well-being of the owners. These types of wood have a high density and good water resistance and, therefore, a good wear resistance. Oak and walnut carpentry may serve for centuries, without losing their attractive appearance.

Wood carving is known since ancient times, but nowadays it is getting even more popular.  Carved furniture has always been considered as a sign of well-being and looked upon not only as a luxury item, but also a piece of art that has been passed down through generations.

Don’t know, where to keep all your clothes? Not enough space? Instead of bulky wardrobes we offer you custom-made dressing rooms with all the possible combinations of shelves, hangers, drawers and mirrors.

Dressing room is a multifunctional space, where you may store just everything – from lingerie and linen and to shoes and outerwear. Of course it will help you to keep all your clothes in order, because each garment will have its own place and you will be able to find it quick and easy.

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