Furniture for Hotes, Restaurants and Cafés

Furniture for hotels

Our company produces high-end furniture for hotels. Small-lot production allows creating a unique memorable interior that would be your competitive advantage.

Manufacturing furniture for hotels is a labour-intensive process, because production technologies should meet increased requirements. Hotel furniture should meet not only usual quality standards, but also fire safety and hygienic safety norms, as well as be environment friendly. Furthermore, hotel furniture should be very wear resistant.

To fulfill all the necessary demands, we use German technologies and materials – furniture accessories, substrates, as well as lacquers and paints.

Furniture for cafés, bars and wine shops

Our company specializes also in furniture production for cafés, bars and wine shops.

What is necessary for a bar to become a good bar, besides good food and drink? We suggest that wine cabinets, tables and bar stools, bar counters and wall panels should be essential parts to create a certain style.

We have the necessary experience to create complicated interiors in bars or pubs of any possible style.

Furniture for restaurants

We are proud to offer comprehensive solutions for restaurant business: we produce not only furniture, but provide the complete interiors, starting from the doors and including bar counters and wall decoration.

With our high-end materials we may create a unique interior for your restaurant.

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