Metallization VEROMETLA®

Innovative coating for any surface
Company Schukin is the official production partner of the German producer VeroMetal®, developer of the unique innovative metallic coating material.
Metallic coating is applied seamlessly on surfaces with complex textures, creating ultra-strong bond with the substrate. The coating might be applied on almost any type of substrate, including form plastic, plastic, plaster, wooden materials, metal, fiberglass, decorative plaster, ceramics, concrete, clay, paperboard and even paper.
    The exclusive product has many characteristics of the cast metal – its texture, mechanical and chemical resistance, gloss, thermal conductivity and oxidation, thus making it possible to use metallized surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

    Range of applications:

    • Architecture: building facades, lanterns, benches;
    • Sculpture;
    • Interior design;
    • Copper and alloys in shipbuilding and marine engineering (antifouling coating);
    • Copper and alloys for hygienic design (antimicrobial properties);
    • Stainless steel for protection from corrosion and other impacts;
    • And many other application areas.
    The range of possible applications is so wide, that only your phantasy may limit them.
    You have got an idea, but you do not know, if VeroMetal® might be applied? – Call us!
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