Dressing rooms
let´s take a look at them

Publishment date: June 2009, 15th

Don’t know, where to keep all your clothes? Not enough space? Instead of bulky wardrobes we offer you custom-made dressing rooms with all the possible combinations of shelves, hangers, drawers and mirrors.

A Dressing room is a multifunctional space, where you may store just everything – from lingerie and linen and to shoes and outerwear. Of course it will help you to keep all your clothes in order, because each garment will have its own place and you will be able to find it quick and easy.

Our engineers will create functional dressing room according to your wishes and using all the space available, taking into account needs of all members of your family. We will fulfill any of your requirements and produce your order very quickly. Think about where you would put your shoes and scarves, trousers and ties, day-wear and evening dresses, outerwear. In dressing room you will always find space for pillows, mattresses and even vacuum cleaner and skis. Correctly folded clothes keep its form and lasts longer. If you are an owner of a spacious apartment or country cottage and you have children, it would also be a right choice to make a separate children’s dressing room.

It will be possible to keep here not only child’s clothing, but also toys, sledges, roller skates and much more. Our specialist will take into account architectural properties of your room. Dressing room will be your mate in keeping order in your apartment. Our craftsmen could also install in your dressing room pull-out ironing board. Dressing room will also look attractive and be more comfortable with a range of mirrors and backlight.

Besides keeping clothes, you may dress up in dressing room, without hurry picking out tie or purse. Your apartment will become brighter and larger, your clothes will be kept in order and you will get additional space for relaxing. Custom-made dressing room is not some tribute to fashion, it is a great help to maintain order and make apartment space efficient.

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