Custom-made oak furniture

Publishment day: May 2016, 24th

Custom-made furniture is one of the business areas of our company. Natural wooden furniture creates an unforgettable atmosphere of coziness and boosts vitality. Solid oak furniture is not only beautiful, but also wear and rotting resistant. Custom-made wooden furniture also presents individuality and your own personal style. After all, are not we all tired of bright synthetic materials?

You will never get tired of looking at natural wood – every time it is a new live picture. Besides, every touch gives you a special feeling of warm wooden surface with its own bioenergetics. Since ancient times oak is a symbol longevity and vitality, it is a so called bioenergetical donor!

Oak furniture will help you to keep health, create coziness and good atmosphere. Let all the trouble be left behind your threshold!

We will be happy, if you choose our furniture, created by our craftsmen, not only for you home, but also for your office, restaurant or hotel.

Solid oak furniture combines luxury and simplicity, modern and traditions, that is why wooden interiors will never get out of fashion.

We process the wood with special care, so that it could keep its beauty and durability for many decades. Diversity of shades and textures of solid wood, high-tech manufacturing an years of experience have made it for our company possible to create unique solid oak interiors. Our craftsmen can successfully introduce all the intrinsic features of solid oak. This hard and durable whitish-yellow or yellowish-brown wood is used as a material for long-lasting and substantial furniture. Oak texture looks beautiful, nonetheless, our craftsmen may also offer you different types of additional decorations: wood carving or insertions with mother of pearl or stones.

Custom-made furniture by Company Schukin is a unique work of authorship that is produced in one single copy. Undoubtedly, oak carpentry, made by our craftsmen, will be so valuable over the many years, as your family treasures.

We invite you to be our clients. We are sure, you will not regret this choice.

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