Wooden staircases

Publishment day: April 2014, 15th

Wooden staircase is the oldest invention of mankind. Wood retains heat inside, but “breaths”, that is why air will never be stuffy in your house, like in concrete buildings.

It is difficult to imagine any private two- or three-story house without a wooden staircase. Staircases made of solid walnut or oak are symbols of artistic taste, prestige and well-being of the owners. These types of wood have a high density and good water resistance and, therefore, a good wear resistance. Oak and walnut carpentry may serve for centuries, without losing their   attractive appearance.

If you install these elegant wooden staircases in your apartment or cottage, they will create cozy atmosphere and fill your abode with positive bio-energetics. Wooden staircases also provide for a charm, complementing interior design. Our craftsmen might create staircase of any form and make a masterpiece out of them.

On the preliminary stage our specialist will make laser scanning of the room and thorough analysis of the indoor space. Engineering is the main thing oh this stage. You will see the visualization of your staircase before its production and will be able to make changes, if necessary. Manufacturing of wooden staircases is a multi-step process, and the construction is proved for resistance, durability and safety. Different colour shades and textures allow you materialize any of your design wishes.  Fitting, frames and mounting are the important points, responsible for your safety. We perform installation works taking into account all building and safety codes.

Individual approach, modern equipment, competence of our craftsmen and high-quality materials and accessories ensure perfection and safety of our staircases.

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