Indecor Moscow 2018

Publishment day: October 2018, 16th

Last Saturday we organised, within the business program of the exhibition Indecor Moscow 2018, a presentation together with Olga Rozet.

The subject of the lecture was "New Art Deco. Timeless values and new materials".

Olga Rozet is a practising designer and decorator, lecturer and artist with the vast experience of more than 20 years in design education industry. Inspirational leader and director of "Olga Rozet's creative studio".

Author of the programmes aimed at development through art and design of creative and professional potential.

Author of training trip programmes in Russia and abroad (visual arts, architecture and design of Europe and USA).

Olga Rozet has covered in her lecture aspects of usage of metallisation and acrylic glass in interior design. The lecture was very interesting and informative, as is always the case with Olga Rozet's lectures!

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