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Publishment day: January 2015, 21th

Nowadays great attention is paid to hygiene. Advertising on TV, radio, internet – all the mass media are saying about microbes and infections that surround us and our homes. In efforts to keep cleanliness people are ready for anything, even for absurd methods. But are people really able to find effective ways of antimicrobial protection? Rather often it’s not always a case.

That could be rather difficult to determine what kind of maintaining the cleanliness is optimal. Indeed, we are being persuaded from different sources that this and that “super-remedy” is a panacea for all woes. We suggest that you should not take that for granted, but listen to reason.

Some people consider that organism is quite well adapted to microbes and does not need additional protection against them. Of course they have a point, otherwise the mankind would have long ago vanished from the earth. But you should not forget that in some situations it is necessary to implement the increased focus on hygiene. For example, in public spaces, or when there is a baby in a house. Banisters, door handles, spaces with high traffic flow – all these places should be kept clean, so that not to become a breeding ground for infections.

Company Schukin takes care of its customers! While painting banisters or furniture for children’s rooms or public spaces we use on customer’s demand a special antibacterial additive that might be a great help in keeping the place clean and safe. Modern technologies make it possible to use effective methods for fighting with microbes. These methods allow us to eliminate bacterial pollution, at the same time being very convenient in use.

Antimicrobial additive MIKROCON (VOTTELER Lackfabrik, Germany) gives you the opportunity to protect easily and effectively rooms and surfaces from different bacteria. Due to antimicrobial effect of this additive, it makes materials hygienic from the sanitary point of view. MIKROCON, recent development from VOTTELER Lackfabrik, meets the requirements of worldwide standards ISO 22196-2011 and DIN EN 846-1997 and has the corresponding test certificate that confirms high quality of this additive and its effectiveness.

Following the policy of constant development and devotion to innovative technologies, Company Schukin offers its clients to add MIKROCON into furniture paints and lacquers, in order to achieve antimicrobial effect without strong chemical treatment that may be dangerous not only for bacteria, but also for the human health.

To maintain cleanliness with traditional methods or turn to modern technologies is a private matter. Nevertheless, we hope you would agree that it’s much more reliable to be 100% protected with your own efforts combined with innovative solutions according to world standards.

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