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When it comes to the interior, an important question arises of what kind of decoration should be used and what kind of furniture should be preferred. One wants to keep both the harmony and style, but at the same time not to cross the line between originality and dubious taste. Sometimes it is quite difficult to achieve a desired result and to bring to life the dreams about ideal surroundings.
There are a lot of suggestions coming from everywhere as to what kind of decoration and materials should be used. Shops and design studios are desperate to sell fancy articles, which can be nevertheless unsuitable to your interior. What a customer should do when everyone is just trying to get hold of his pocket? The answer is evident: you have to trust your intuition and take a chance and reach out to professionals that not only serve their interests, but also care for an excellent result meeting clients’ requirements.
Classic or modern? This question asks everybody when it’s necessary to change something in interior. On the one hand, classical interiors are always in fashion; on the other hand, they do sometimes look rather boring. As for the modern interiors, you can rather quickly get tired of them or they can become not as trendy as they used to be. What could be done in this case?

If you still don’t know what to choose and the information available just confuses you, we suggest that you should have them both – classic with a touch of modern trends.

Using leaf-gold is a good way to apply a golden coating on different substrates. This technology provides for a stunning view, making it possible to create a masterpiece. For example, a Synagogue in Voronezh is decorated using this technology, our craftsmen having been worked on its restoration and decoration for quite a long time. The fact speaks for itself: the Synagogue has been transformed and started to look even more magnificent and impressive.
Gold is traditionally associated with wellness and longevity. That’s exactly the gold that brings a touch of chick and style. Nowadays leaf-gold has become rather popular for decorating interiors, furniture and art-objects. Golden elements possess originality, still being the part of classic interiors. Besides, gold-leaf is a durable material with good resistance to mechanical or chemical impact.
Prayers Hall
the sinagogues
in the city of Voronezh
If you prefer, when choosing technologies and types of decoration, to take notice of richness, chick and originality, but at the same time you need durability and do not want to spare any of these points, then leaf-gold coating will suit your taste. Company Schukin will make your ideas come true and will bring an air of coziness, glamour and unique style.

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