The Unfinished Symphony for the Brass Piano

Publishment day: October 2018, 20th

Nelly Pshyonnaya is one of the most beautiful actresses of the soviet cinema. She played princesses, grand ladies and gentlewomen.
And only few people know how stern her destiny has been to her. Two years ago Nelly’s daughter died, leaving two little girls.
Nelly Pshyonnaya could not recover from this tragedy for a long time, but she pulled herself together for the sake of the granddaughters.
Today we took part in “Ideal renovation” in the apartment that had once been a happy family home. Nelly has been for two years afraid to enter this apartment, since everything here reminded her of her lost daughter.
But the wind of change blows straight! Together with the designer Eva Korbakova we have given a fresh start in life to the piano that Nelly has once bought for her daughter. The old piano has been completely transformed thanks to a new material.
We have used special metallization technique and coated this piano with a layer of brass. The result has exceeded expectations!
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